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Arch Pain

What is the Arch of the foot?

The arches of the foot, formed by the tarsal and metatarsal bones, strengthened by ligaments and tendons, allow the foot to support the weight of the body in the erect posture with the least weight.

How is it commonly injured?

The main way arch pain develops is debatable but many health professionals believe due to the number of steps people take per day the overuse of the arch structures and fatigue of the muscles that stabilise the arch at put at risk due tot he foot s rolling in adjusting to the ground and absorbing shock in a mobile way. It is thought the tif the foot is rolling inwards more than desired that this may predispose the arch to greater stress eventually leading to overuse of the structures and potential pain.

Classification and Signs and Symptoms of this injury

Pain under the bottom of the foot can be from any one of the 19 muscles 26 bones or 33 joints

Pain on the inside of the foot can be attributed to any structure along the inside of the foot.

It is best to contact the Global Rehabilitation Network to ask more about how to treat these injuries.

Current management techniques

  • Rest Ice, Compression, Elevation: all these techniques help to control the swelling and pain.

  • Minimisation of strength losses via specific foot exercises

  • Minimisation of range of motion loss via specific foot exercises

  • Rehabilitation is important as a lot arch pain can develop and get worse quickly due to the number of steps we take each day

Global Rehabilitation Network

  • We provide a complete online program of 12 consecutive weeks of instructions on how to conservatively manage this injury

  • We provide a global network of therapists that can chat remotely via our Telehealth services to guide you through the process week by week for minimal cost.

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