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Crutch use instructions

Weight Bearing Restrictions

Your doctor may have given you weight bearing restrictions on your leg which tells you how much weight you can put through your leg


Weight Bearing as Tolerated
If you are weight-bearing as tolerated, that means you can put as much weight through your leg as is comfortable. Putting weight through your legs should not significantly increase or cause you pain.


Partial Weight Bearing
If you are partial weight bearing then you can put some weight but not all through your leg. You should push through your hands on the crutches to keep the full weight off of your leg. 


Toe Touch Weight Bearing 
If you are toe touch or foot flat weight-bearing, then you may simply rest your foot on the floor. Imagine there is an egg or a cracker under your foot that you don't want to crush. It's important to know that toe touch weight bearing does not mean that only your toe can touch the ground. It is important to allow your entire foot to rest flat on the ground.


Non Weight Bearing
If you are non-weight-bearing then you can't put any weight through your foot. You should push through your hands on the crutches to keep the weight off of your foot. As you walk, you should be able to walk without your foot touching the ground.

No matter what your weight-bearing restrictions are, make sure that you never lean on the tops of your crutches. You can hurt a nerve causing numbness and tingling in your arm. Put all of your weight through your hands, not your armpits.

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